How are they made?

We continually follow new developments and the evolution of the textile industry.

We not only want to bring quality materials but we want to take advantage of all the new technologies regarding sustainability available to us today.


1. Rescuing Plastic Waste
Waste is gathered: Fishnets, Plastic bottles, Fabric Scraps, old carpet flooring, and other Industrial plastics from landfills & Oceans. This waste is sorted & cleaned and prepared for the next step.

2. Regeneration
The waste is regenerated and purified using depolymerization, breaking down the waste and returning it to its most simple form.

3. Remaking
The already regenerated Nylon is then transformed into textile yarn, which is then knitted into a high-quality Italian Fabric.

4. Raffia Swimwear
Our swimwear is made using the regenerated Nylon fabric, this fabric is not only sustainable but also luxurious and soft.

All of Our fabrics meet the Oeko Tex Standard 100, the highest textile certifiable standard for sustainability. This certificate ensures the responsible use of chemicals during the entire production process of our fabrics.


Recycled and Sustainable
Chlorine Resistant
A protective layer against sun creams and oils
Excellent Coverage
UV Protection
Pilling Resistant